06 June 2012

Day 171

If there was any work done at the house yesterday, it was so minimal that it's not worth mentioning. Brock was out of town, so, as usual, things slowed down.

Today, Mark installed the handrails. The stairs are just about finished. 
When the kids and I arrived this evening, the lawn crew was working away. The kids enjoyed watching the machine that blew straw all over the seeded yard.

At the end, the crew covered the yard with hydroseed.  They also laid down some erosion control mats along the back of the house, and cleaned up the mess the storm left. I didn't take pictures of the before or after, but it was a big improvement. 

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  1. Oh, my goodness! Little B certainly looks like Big B in that picture. I mean, he normally does, but this one really struck me.