10 June 2012

Day 172-173

We've moved! I haven't posted in a while, since we haven't had internet here until this evening, but this past Thursday (Day 172), we spent our first night in the house. It's not exactly legal, since we don't yet have a certificate of occupancy, so basically, we're squatters in our own house. 

Mark started work on the loft railing on Thursday:
Mark building the loft railing
The electrical work finally passed inspection on Thursday. Brock and I did some cleaning, and then he cut and installed B's grass rug before the kids got home from school that day.

That night, we had our first meal in the house. Here are the kids enjoying some Chinese take-out:
Forks and chopsticks
The walls aren't really blue; not sure why it looks that way.

Anyway, here were the fortunes from our cookies:
"You will have no problems in your home."
 This one was for Brock:
"You would make a good lawyer."
As we drove away after dinner to head back to the old house for more packing and cleaning, we saw a rainbow. Lots of good signs, which we generally don't put too much stock in, but these were too nice to ignore.
On Friday we finally finished moving. Mark worked more on the loft railing which isn't quite finished, but it's safe enough so no one can fall through. Up next: plumbing inspection, glass for the master bathroom shower, landscaping, and building a rain garden. 

It was a nice weekend here at 1 Locust Ave, capped off with a little celebration for Baby's second birthday. 

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  1. You know, don't you, that I don't believe you when you say the wall isn't really (Carolina) blue? I think I - and Duke fans - might have a coronary upon entering the house...

    Congrats on the move. And please hurry with the loft railing, won't you?