04 June 2012

Day 170

When we got to the house after the storms rolled through on Friday, we discovered that sand and dirt had washed over our beautiful new driveway, leaving the place looking, once again, like a construction site. But considering something like nine tornadoes touched down in the area that evening, we were pretty lucky. 

Brock and I spent Sunday cleaning the house. Brock also installed closet shelves and clothes-hanging rods in the kids' closets. 
Brock worked on stairs again this afternoon. Using a cutting wheel, he cut and bent the goat fence to the angle of the stairway, then attached a wooden edge along the top. Mark used the planer and the router to finish the wooden edges, as well as the handrails, which will be installed next. 

M. C. Escher-esque stair shot
I painted the green in B's bedroom today. I am definitely the slowest painter ever, so it took me almost five hours. 
B's room
Mark drilled a hole in the side of the foundation to install a vent for the new water heater which arrived today. Funny story about the delivery...Brock went out to meet the delivery truck in the driveway, and the driver realized that he had dropped off our water heater with the previous delivery. Everything worked out, and he was back within the hour with our water heater. 

The electrician was back. I don't even know what to say about him any more. I'm pretty sure he didn't finish, though. 

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