01 June 2012

Day 169

We're not used to this happening, but the driveway crew arrived as promised, and finished their work shortly after noon today. 1 Locust Ave is starting to look like home instead of a construction site! Now we just need some greenery. 
Driveway and parking pad
Looking up the hill from the bottom of the driveway
Brock got to the house in the afternoon and finished up a bunch of little projects, including installing kitchen trim under the cabinets.
Kitchen trim
Then he and Mark finished installing the downspouts at the back of the house.
Installing downspouts
I continued with the seemingly endless task of vacuuming up construction dust inside the house. We moved all of the power tools and hardware out of the living area, pulled up the floor covering, and moved some furniture around. I meant to take some pictures this evening, but bad weather kept me from returning after I left to pick up the kids. 

Oh, one more thing:
Yes, that's right. We failed our electrical inspection. I know; it's surprising, given how diligent the electricians have been. We'll try again next week.

Check in over the weekend! 

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