31 May 2012

Day 168

It's the 31st, so I thought we'd be scrambling around moving the last few items into the house, but we're not quite there yet. We're getting close, though...

The day began at the scrapyard, where Brock unloaded the heap of steel that's been cluttering our yard all of these months. Recognize any metal in this picture?
The driveway crew arrived late morning, and worked conscientiously until about 8 pm. They were very meticulous about following the engineering plans to the letter, using a laser level, tamping down the sand, and working in the crushed concrete (a recycled product) to make a base that will prevent vehicles from getting stuck.
Skid steer working
Here are the kids watching the action from B's window:
Watching the fun
Driveway grading
First layer of crushed concrete
A little irony: the dump truck that was carrying the crushed concrete got stuck in the hill. I guess there's still more work to be done. These guys are pros, though, so they knew how to get unstuck quickly without tearing up all of their work. They'll be back tomorrow to finish up...as long as it's not raining too much. Cross your fingers; the weather's not looking promising.  

The electricians were back to finish, but the inspector never showed up. The plumbers were there today to hook up the hot water heater and the laundry room sink. 
Laundry room sink
Brock and Mark worked on stairs more. Hopefully they'll be able to put the handrails in tomorrow, if Brock can fit it in around his work schedule. 

Mark did some cleaning in the kitchen, including removing all of the protective coverings on the appliances:
When the kids got tired of watching the skid steer, they played with the trains in the sheep room until it was time to head home.
Hard at play

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