28 May 2012

Weekend projects

We had a busy three-day weekend! We made a lot of progress in the moving department, thanks to friends and family, who helped haul furniture and watched the kids for us.

My sister Sarah flew in on Saturday evening to help us with some painting projects. I'd had some ideas for the kids' bedrooms, but with Sarah's creativity, everything turned out better than I had imagined. On Sunday morning, she started on the baby's room: 
Sarah, getting started
Nature scene emerging

Detail work
While Sarah painted hills in the baby's room, Brock started painting B's room. He finished the blue sky; the bottom half of the wall will be green, when we get around to it.
B's room
After lunch today, Sarah and I (but mostly Sarah) painted clouds:
Sarah painting clouds
I didn't take the best pictures, so it's a little difficult to see the clouds, but this will give you the idea:
Sky bedroom

Then, back to the baby's room to start in on the sheep.
Sarah and her apprentice 

Admiring Aunt Sarah's work
She didn't quite finish before it was time to race off to catch her flight, but all that is left is to add a little fluffiness to the lambs. After dropping her off at the airport, I headed back to the house to try my hand at lamb wool. Turns out, I'm practically a pro. I finished one flock before I had to go get dinner ready. 
Sheep with wool
The electrician made two appearances over the past few days. He slipped in late at night or early in the morning, undetected, leaving very little evidence that he'd been there at all. He's installed a few more light fixtures, smoke detectors, and the doorbell, but what we really need is for him to install the breaker panel so that there is electricity to the fixtures. Yesterday, Brock got fed up with looking at the dining area light sitting on the floor, and installed it himself. He'll probably tackle the breaker panel next.
New electrician on the job
Finally, look what's up and running!

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