29 May 2012

Day 166

It's crunch time. I guess even the electricians are feeling the pressure, because they were working away when I dropped by at 7:00 this evening. We now have outdoor lighting (or fixtures, anyway), and there's more electricity throughout the house. Supposedly they're finishing tonight.
Front porch lights
Close-up of front porch light
Side door light
Kitchen canister lighting
Kids' bathroom (with drywall touch-up)
Basement powder room (minus mirror)
Master bedroom light
Garage light illuminating Brock's fleet
Brock will be back to finish the stairs tomorrow, and the yard crew will be on site to give us a yard.

Update: 11 pm. Brock just got back into town and stopped in at the house. The kitchen appliances are all connected, but not all the lights and switches are working. Hopefully they can get everything up and running before the inspection tomorrow, not that we have any reason to be optimistic.

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