25 May 2012

Days 164-165

I didn't post yesterday, but Mark finished the exterior trim work at the back of the house.
Practice room windows
Garage and back door trim
Brock spent yesterday cleaning, making a trip to the dump, and driving out to the farm supply store to buy more goat fence. He also went back to the doctor, because his wrist was inflamed and gross. X-rays didn't turn up anything, so he's continuing with the antibiotics and hoping that there are no wood chips remaining. Oh, and it was his birthday. 

Today Brock and Mark installed a lip on each of the stairs to comply with code, and to keep babies from slipping through the openings. 
Stair lip
Here they are planning their next move with the goat fence. Incidentally, there will eventually be handrails attached to the fence.
Brock and Mark deliberating
Mark worked on indoor trim today. Here is the ledge in the stairwell:
Stairwell trim
Looking up at more stairwell trim
Brock painted the baby's room today. He used her favorite color. Check back over the weekend, because we're going to be working more on her bedroom Sunday and Monday. 
Pink room
Also this weekend: moving.

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