23 May 2012

Day 163

Lots of work today has us thinking that our end-of-the-month deadline might be a reality. Look...we have water!
Kitchen sink
Kitchen prep sink

The grading crew stopped by to look around. They'll be back at some point to turn our yard into a yard, and  to make our driveway more drive-able.

Brock and Mark worked on the stairs until they ran out of goat fence. We'll need to pick up another panel to complete the job. We had a brief scare when we suddenly thought about the possibility of lead in the metal, but Brock ran a lead test which turned out negative. 
More stair work
Stairs with lead-free goat fence
Finally, at 3 pm, the electrician showed up. He was sporting a large boot cast on his foot, and even brought along his crutches (for effect, I guess; he left them just inside the front door while he worked). He also brought along an assistant, who seemed to do most of the ladder work. They stayed until about 7:30, installing light fixtures and circuit breakers. They'll be back tomorrow afternoon. Maybe. But definitely Monday. Here we go again. 
Sun light in B's room
Baby's sky light
Entryway light
Kitchen island lights
Hallway light
Brock sustained another injury. As he was locking the gate on the way out this evening, he ended up with a giant splinter in his wrist from one of the rails in the split rail fence. He spent a few hours waiting around at the urgent care to have it removed. They gave him some antibiotics and told him to monitor it, in case they missed any fragments. 

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  1. I really think my favorite part of EVERYTHING is B's sun light. Love it. Love. It.