30 May 2012

Day 167

The electricians arrived at 5:30 this morning (so they said; no one was there to verify), but Brock had locked the deadbolt, which, as it turns out, doesn't use the same key as the one that is in the lock box. At 7 am they got in touch with Mark, who called us, and Brock raced over to let them in. They worked a respectable shift, but didn't finish, and their inspection has been moved until tomorrow. 

When I arrived this morning, I saw the flurry of activity that I've been waiting for all month. Cement crew, painters, and electricians were all on site. The cement crew framed out the stairs and sidewalk and poured the cement. 
Stairs and sidewalk frame

They also poured a slab at the freshly painted back door (There is a spacing problem with the lights that's bothering me, but that will have to be addressed later). 
Slab and red door
One of their trucks got stuck in the side of the hill, which is a familiar theme here. I really wanted to take a picture of the foreman yelling and swearing into his phone, but I decided against it. He didn't look very happy with the situation. They finally were able to tow it out, using another one of their trucks and some straps.

Anyway, here's what the concrete looked like this evening. At the end of the sidewalk will be the driveway and a parking pad.
The painters were all very friendly. One of them, a big, burly guy, told me that our house is lovely, "especially that little girl's room." He also wished us a long, happy life in our new house. Very nice. 
Painting the front door
Brock continued working on the goat fence. Here he is trying out some welding ideas.
More goat fence
The gas is now connected to the stove top. It's got a handy little child safety feature that, when activated, sets off an alarm if the knobs are turned.
Mark testing out the stove top
Mark installed the mirrors in the basement powder room and the master bathroom. The master bathroom mirror lights are in the wrong place; we'll move them so they're above the mirror, and Brock also has a plan for some indirect lights behind the mirror.
Basement powder room
Master bathroom mirror
I only managed to move one load of boxes today because the driveway was so cluttered with trucks, and the house was difficult to access with all of that wet cement. Instead, I finished the sheep wool and touched up some green spots in the hills. Then Brock set down the grass rug, so I brought the kids by to see the finished product. They loved it.
Admiring her new room
Petting the sheep
Hanging out in the hills
I know I said the driveway and yard people would be there today, but they were not scheduled to arrive until tomorrow. Today they dropped by to discuss logistics. 

Brock has been on antibiotics for his wrist for a week now, and finally, his body has rejected the splinters that were too elusive for the doctors to find. This is pretty disgusting, but look what popped out of his wrist this evening (not the dime).

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