10 May 2012

Day 156

Good news! Brock found more wood at the salvage shop. He and Mark worked on stairs most of the day. 
Stairs from main level
Another view (just inside the front door)
Looking up into the loft
Looking down from the loft
View from first floor bedrooms
Brock built some extra supports underneath the stringers:
Another view of stringer supports
There are a couple of indications that this wood could easily be one hundred years old. Below are two stair treads with holes that held knob and tube wiring. This was a method of electrical wiring that was used between 1880 and 1930, according to wikipedia. Wiring was run through joists or studs, and was protected by porcelain tubes, which were fitted into the wood. Today Brock found two porcelain tubes in the latest batch of wood. I'll try to remember to take some pictures of those tomorrow.
Holes for porcelain tubes
Mark disassembled the temporary stairs. We'd forgotten what the living area looked like without them.
Living area
In water and sewer news, Sam buried the lines today, and the air conditioner has been returned to its home.
Air conditioner
While at the salvage shop this morning, Brock found a large roll of astro turf at bargain-basement price. We were planning on carpeting the baby's bedroom in green shag to look like grass (for a nature-themed room), but this is the real (fake) thing, for a fraction of the price. Plus, there's enough of it for both kids' rooms. They ran around on it this afternoon, and they loved it. 
The appliance delivery company called and seemed to have no recollection of the fact that they were supposed to deliver our appliances today. We're now on their schedule for tomorrow between 7 and 11 am. If they remember. 

The electrician dropped by today. He stuck around long enough to promise to work through the weekend. Had I mentioned before that he was going to work last weekend, too?

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