09 May 2012

Day 155

More stair work today. Brock's been out of town, but he's back now and will be there to help tomorrow. The potentially bad news is that we've run out of wood. Brock is going to head over to the salvage shop first thing tomorrow morning, so keep your fingers crossed that they have any wood left. 
Stringers leading to the top floor
Here is a close-up of the construction:
Close-up of stringers and platform
It's all held together with notches. Below are some of the only bolts used.  Mark said he couldn't get around using bolts here, but we like the look, so we approve.
More stairs
The water and sewer work has passed inspection, and so hopefully Sam will be back tomorrow to bury all the lines. Also tomorrow, our remaining kitchen appliances are being delivered, and with any luck (don't hold your breath), the electrician will resurface.

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