11 May 2012

Day 157

As promised (the second time, anyway), the delivery truck showed up first thing this morning with our remaining kitchen appliances. Below are the beverage refrigerators; the dishwasher was in the shipment, too, but didn't make the picture.
Wine and beer fridges (with a white protective film)
Here are the ceramic tube insulators that I talked about yesterday. Not very exciting to look at, since, in this picture, they look like cigarette butts, but they are a clue to the history of the wood  for the stairs.
Ceramic tube insulators 
Mark was on vacation today, but Brock worked all day on the stairs. First he leveled and planed the treads. To secure them, he drilled holes in them, then glued in wooden dowels, 1" in diameter, which go through the treads and into the stringers. When he's finished, he'll cut and plane the dowels so that they're flush with the surface of the riser. 
Stairs and dowels
Looking down from main floor
In this next picture, you can see the rings in the wood on the side of the risers. The strings are a reference to keep the different flights of stairs aligned. 

Brock will be back to work on the stairs again tomorrow, so check back in over the weekend for more progress. Also, find out if the electrician ever shows up.

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