06 February 2012

Day 107

No news to report today on the engineering situation, but we'll know more tomorrow. 

We've had some inspections, with mixed results: 
Inspection notices
Framing and electric: Pass. HVAC: Fail. I guess we'll be seeing more of the HVAC crew in the coming days.

The electrician was back at the site today. He drilled holes through the foundation to run electricity into the house, and he finished running the last of the cables within the house. 

Brock installed almost 200 feet of speaker wire in the loft. In this picture, you can see the built-in cabinet for our stereo components. The cabinet will sit flush with the wall and have a glass door on the front. That's the master closet behind it that it backs up into. The cardboard on the wall is an approximation of the television.

The front door arrived today, and it should go up tomorrow. Hopefully this is the last door-less picture we'll take: 

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