08 February 2012

Day 108

The engineering solution is still in the works. No word back yet from our original engineer, which is not surprising, since he never made it a point to be helpful in the past. 

Yesterday Brock re-pressurized all of the heating loops, and when he checked back today, they had all maintained pressure. Today he cut holes in the floor for installing supplies and returns to all of the heating loops. He used 3/4" Pex tubing, which he determined to be the best product for the job, despite the fact that it's unwieldy and difficult to work with. The pool noodles came in handy again to protect the Pex from being scratched and damaged on the metal in the floor as he pulled it through the holes.  Tomorrow he'll finish up by cutting and soldering the loops to the supplies and returns. 

Here are the first and second floor supplies and returns:
That's the Pex tubing coming through the noodles.
Pex tubing, which will be connected to the manifold

And look...finally!
Front door
It was a labor-intensive procedure installing the threshold and support for the siding below the door opening. Eventually there will be white trim around the front door, to match the trim around the windows. In the end we were glad that the frosted glass didn't work out; we're happy with this look. We'll probably paint the door white (it's currently primed in white-ish).

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