03 January 2012

Day 89

Happy New Year! Brock spent a frigid morning (as well as a few hours yesterday) putting the remaining screws into the silver panels on the left side and front right part of the house. When Mark arrived, they finished the base trim along the perimeter of the house, and then worked on the side doorway. The header needed to be raised a couple of inches, so they spent the rest of the morning cutting metal and making the necessary changes. Then they trimmed out the door opening, and got back to work hanging siding.

Just before calling it quits today, they hung and trimmed the last window, which was finally delivered today. A long day in sub-freezing temperatures with a lot of wind and even some snow flurries. Wind will be a factor in determining whether or not they can install the rest of the front red paneling tomorrow. It would be too easy for the panels to bend in the wind, once the window openings are cut, so that might have to be put off for another day.
Last window in place!

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