30 December 2011

Day 88

The plumbers were at the site bright and early this morning. They installed a natural gas line for the cook top, set the master bathtub in mortar, and added a secondary drain for the washing machine, as required by code. They did some other finishing work, too, but no one was watching too closely, so the details are foggy. Here's the kids' bathtub that they installed yesterday: 
Kids' bathtub 
Another siding day for Brock and Mark. Today they finished the back, red section of siding. Brock said this was difficult, but the most difficult part is yet to come. Manipulating the siding around the different roof pitches on the side of the red section (see below) should be pretty tricky, but they think they've worked out a plan. The good news is that they're getting better at this every day. 

Happy New Year! See you on Monday.

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