16 December 2011

Day 79

Today was a long day. The foam installation crew arrived at the site first thing this morning for round one of insulation. Why two rounds? Today's job was to insulate all the spots that won't be accessible once the siding goes up. After the siding is in place, they'll be back to spray the back of the siding from inside the house. 

Before starting with the spray foam, they filled all of the gaps with a fire-rated insulation product called mineral wool board. 
A worker filling the gaps with mineral wool board
Close-up of filled gaps
Next, a layer of spray foam

The next couple of pictures show the workers implementing a resourceful method of spraying the first floor foam.  It's kind of difficult to explain, but basically, the worker on the ladder was holding up that big piece of board to block the foam from spraying all over the place. It was a success. 

Workers inside. The board is in the background; it's covered in plastic.
Look- the bucket lift is back! This time it's blue. They covered it in plastic so it wouldn't get foam stuck to it. The windows are also covered in plastic, which was a pretty time-consuming job.

A worker on the roof spraying foam

As you can see, they stayed late to finish the job. Maybe these guys do plumbing? Did I mention that the plumbers didn't show up today? To give them an ounce of credit, today we found some work that they'd done that we hadn't noticed before. They'd cut some holes for vent lines, and marked where the vents are going to go through the roof. 

Brock is going to try to get some work done on the window trim over the weekend, so check back in over the next couple of days. 

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