15 December 2011

Day 78

Today: windows, plumbing, and bathtubs.

Window installation continued today, and is almost complete. They didn't have the right kind of screws for the two basement windows, and they couldn't install the top window in the stairwell without the bucket lift. The lift will be back on site tomorrow. Oh, and I forgot to mention yesterday that the delivery was one window short. The manufacturer said they'd expedite the construction of the missing window, and ship it on Monday.

Back to installation...everything went smoothly, except for the middle stairwell window. Brock and Mark spent almost three hours modifying the framing, because it turns out the original framing had the window obstructed by the stairs.

Two windows short
Side windows

Loft windows
The plumbing story is not much of a story...plumbers didn't show up until almost noon, and at the end of the day, there was very little evidence that they'd even been there, if you don't count the cigarette butts.
A hard day's work
As for the bathtubs, they arrived today, but they're still in boxes, so no pictures to post. Maybe tomorrow...

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  1. What a difference the windows make. Your house looks great!