14 November 2011

Day 63

The concrete crew was supposed to prep the basement today, but the hill and sand on the side of the house claimed yet another victim. The skid steer managed one trip down to the basement with a load of rocks, but then couldn't make it back up again. Two hours and many failed attempts later, the crew finally returned it to safe ground. After that, they left to go pick up a skid steer with tracks that could manage the hill, and said they'd be back after lunch. Technically, it's still after lunch... Now the word is that they'll be there bright and early tomorrow morning, which is good, since the county inspector is coming by to sign off on their work.
Would it take that long to haul those rocks down in a wheelbarrow?
The plumbers were productive today, installing the rough-ins for the toilets, sink drains, washing machine, natural gas, and all sewage and vent lines. However, they were hesitant to work under such unsafe conditions, so Brock saved the day with some spare metal and yellow caution tape:
Brock and Mark continued to fill gaps with foam. 
Spray foam
Brock completed the tedious task of cutting off all the ends of the zip ties that hold down the floor tubing, so that they don't stick up through the concrete after it's poured. Mark blocked off areas for HVAC work so that cement won't fill up those spots. 
Brock and Mark walked over to the neighboring warehouse that houses the company that makes the garage doors we are hoping to use. They discussed insulation, warranties, and pricing with the receptionist, and Brock chose a door style. 

Today would have been great weather for pouring cement, but the trucks should be arriving on Wednesday, just in time for the rain. Shouldn't be a problem, though.

One of our loyal followers has suggested we add some video to our blog. We'll see what we can come up with over the next week or so. Speaking of video, you might have noticed that the youtube link on Day 57 to the window demonstration wasn't working anymore. I've replaced it with a different video, in case you can't get enough of tilt and turns.

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