05 November 2011

Day 57 and Miscellany

Once again I have failed to stay current. Yesterday Brock modified one of the master bedroom windows to comply with egress requirements. Here are some before and after shots of that:
Our windows have been ordered, and should arrive just before Thanksgiving. Almost all of them will be tilt and turn except for the master bathroom and two of the 2x2 windows in the loft which will all be awning windows. The tilt and turn window opens like a normal in-swing casement window when you turn the handle in one direction, then turn the handle in the other direction, and it opens inward at the top like a reverse awning, allowing ventilation with a secure opening. In case that sounds confusing, check out this demonstration on you tube. It's not the company we're using, but it shows how the windows work:

Mark brought by a sample window for us to try out:

Exterior view
Also on Friday, Tom, our Energy Star certification guy, stopped by to look over our progress. He pointed out some insulation details we need to pay attention to and made plans to do a blower door test to measure the air tightness of the house. Currently it's not very air tight, but we're working on that. Anyway, Tom spent some time looking over our plans, and told us that he was really excited about our project because he hasn't worked on a house like this before. 

On Thursday Brock went back to the warehouse to pick up the rest of the expanded polystyrene which will insulate the basement slab. Here's what it looks like all stacked up in the garage:
Lots of insulation
And finally, today we were supposed to received a delivery of eleven boxes of tubing and manifolds for our radiant floor heating. Except that the delivery company disregarded the note we left with instructions to leave the packages at the end of the driveway. Instead they informed us through their website that there was no one to receive the shipment, therefore they would make their next attempt...on Tuesday. A phone call to the company wasn't much help; best case scenario, we get them to drop it off Monday, but that doesn't make up for the fact that Brock was planning on getting started on laying the tubing on Sunday. 

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