10 November 2011

Day 61

Today Brock finished laying all the tubing on the first and second floor. It involved some reorganizing in order to get the distribution right. Then he and Mark installed the distribution manifolds. 

I'll try to explain how this will all work. The house is separated into four heating zones: one on each floor, one in the basement, and one in the garage. The different zones will allow us to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the house, based on the heating requirements of each floor. Each zone has its own circulating pump and thermostat control. The pumps circulate water through the tubes, and the resulting radiant heat warms the house. Some of the advantages of radiant heat vs. a forced air heating system are high efficiency and even heat distribution, less dust and fewer allergens circulating throughout the house, and a more comfortable humidity level, eliminating the need for a humidifier in the winter. 
First floor tubing
Second floor tubing
Close-up of distribution manifold with pressure gauge
Just so you don't think we're going to be tripping over those boxes all day long, the first floor box will be housed in the kitchen pantry, and the second floor box will be in the master bathroom linen closet. 

Some disappointing news to report...I was wrong when I said that the floors were going to be poured tomorrow. A bit of a misunderstanding there. The floor people are coming by not to pour the floors, but to work on the basement floor. They'll level it, and then install a vapor barrier, insulating foam, and re-bar. Hopefully  they'll finish tomorrow in time for Brock and Mark to lay the tubing, and then the floors can be poured next week. 

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