09 November 2011

Days 59-60

Yesterday morning, Brock dropped off all the floor tubing on his way to work, and Mark spent yesterday and today laying the tubing on the first and second floor. Brock went by this afternoon and did a little work on the tubing, too. He had been having some anxiety about taking on the project rather than subcontracting, because neither he nor Mark had done this kind of floor before. But the quote we had gotten from the plumber was really high, so he decided to take a chance. Turned out it was as easy as he hoped it would be (or easier), so he made the right decision. They shouldn't have any trouble finishing before the cement trucks arrive on Friday to pour the floors, especially since Brock took the rest of the week off from his job. 
Truck full of floor tubing and manifolds
Just barely fit; probably should have taken out the baby stroller first!
Here's what the tubing looks like installed. Not exactly an award-winning photo, but it was dark by the time we got around to taking pictures. 
First floor with tubing for heating
And finally, below is a shot of the new first floor window openings. They're kind of hard to see, and you probably don't even remember what they used to look like, even if you are trying to track the changes, but I figured I'd show you anyway.


  1. I see that your new home is now a follower. I hope that you will be able to control this as it may become even more demanding! Seriously, good work, your progress is inspiring.

  2. Yes, our house is following itself. Now if only it would just build itself.