28 October 2011

Days 54-56

I haven't posted all week, but there hasn't been too much going on. Brock spent the beginning part of the week working out insulation and window details. He's been brainstorming ideas for how to get around our egress problem, and has come up with a few solutions.

On Tuesday, the bucket truck was hauled away until we need it again to put up the siding.
Good bye bucket truck
The tubing for the radon sump pit was delivered that day, along with the wire grid for reinforcing the concrete floors.
Brock went out of town Tuesday evening, and when he got back on Thursday, he found the wire grid set up on both floors.
Wire grid
On Monday, Brock is going to pick up the insulation that goes underneath the basement slab (3"-thick extruded polystyrene foam). He's taking vacation towards the end of the week so he can install the tubing for the radiant floor heating. Or, as he put it, figure out how to wrestle a 300-pound snake into submission, and tie it down with zip ties.

I'll be better about posting on time next week. Have a good weekend. 

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