18 October 2011

Day 53

Today Brock and Mark started drilling holes in the floor for the wiring and plumbing. In case my last posting about pool noodles was confusing, maybe these pictures will help clarify.  Color decoder: red = hot water, blue = cold water, yellow = electricity. 
Kitchen appliances, with prep sink against far wall
Main sink and dishwasher 
Cable and electricity for office, as seen from below
Before Brock arrived this morning, a stair manufacturer came by the site to talk to Mark. He went over different tread and riser options, and will get back to us with a quote.  More on that shortly, I hope. 

I haven't mentioned this yet, since it's been a source of frustration and stress for us, but we've found ourselves in a bit of a window debacle. Some of our bedroom window openings aren't wide enough to meet egress width requirements, so we're exploring a few different options. I won't bother boring you with all the details until we've found a solution. 

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