17 October 2011

Day 52

There's been a break in the action lately; some bad weather slowed things down last week, and then Brock did a little work here and there, but nothing much to post about. We've been a little discouraged at the lack of progress over the past week or so, but hopefully we're back on track now. 

This morning Brock and Mark worked on the eave extensions on the roof in preparation for the siding. Then, in the afternoon, they measured out and marked the location of all interior walls and doors in order to visualize the floor plan before the floors are in. This serves as a sort of a "dry run", because it's easier to make changes now than after the cement is poured. It's also helpful in determining where heating, electric, and plumbing will go. 
Brock and the kids, getting a feel for the floor plan
Some first floor markings
Green Lantern working the controls on the lift

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