26 July 2011

Day 11

Things went a lot faster today, and Brock, Mark, and Erich made a lot of progress. All of the columns and almost all of the perimeter beams are now in place. I stopped in with the kids after lunch, and Erich took Little B up on the crane and let him "help" guide a beam into place.

Today we rented a boom lift, but before they got to use it, it got stuck in the soft sand in the side of the hill. A bit of a debacle ensued as Brock tried unsuccessfully to tow it out with his truck. That took up a lot of the afternoon, without any results, so the rescue effort will have to continue tomorrow. There are no pictures of any of that fun, and in fact, we didn't get any shots at the end of the day, either, so I'll have to update that tomorrow. In the meantime, here's what we've got:

Success! Thumbs up!

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