27 July 2011

Day 12

I guess I wasn't very clear in my posting yesterday, because Brock got a call from someone asking what happened to the crane. So to clarify, it wasn't the crane that got stuck, but this man lift:
After two hours of digging today, it's still stuck. It also had some electrical problems, so a technician showed up to fix it this afternoon. No back-up plan, yet, and this is really just an aside, so I'll move on...

The crane operator wasn't at the site today, so Brock spent the morning using an acetylene torch to cut and modify some of the crossbeams. If you know Brock, you can probably guess that this was a lot of fun for him. He and Mark also sorted and labeled floor joists before installing a few by hand. 
Mezzanine floor from the garage
Probably another day off tomorrow...stay tuned!
"Good work, Daddy!"

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