30 June 2011

Day 2

Busy day. Remember the shenanigans with the early delivery of the floor joists? (See June 20 entry) Well, today was our deadline to move them from the neighboring business and deliver them to the property. We borrowed a friend's truck (thanks, Pat!), rented a flatbed trailer, and showed up at Mabey Bridge and Shore ready to move 67 steel floor joists, averaging 100 lbs each. Not sure how we thought we would do that...by hand? I guess the folks at Mabey weren't going to stand for us wasting their whole day getting in their way while we tried to heave all those joists onto the truck, so they just did it themselves with their handy fork lifts:  
24' joists
13' joists
Brock managed the process while I waited in the truck; I wasn't wearing the proper safety gear.

Arriving at the property
So, I guess we thought that after loading up approximately 6,000 lbs of steel, we would just unload it by ourselves, too. Here's where our excavator guy came in handy. Brock wrapped straps around the bundles of joists, hooked them onto the claw of the excavator, and the guy lifted the bundles off the trailer and stacked them into a nice, orderly pile for us.

That was easy!
And while all of that was happening, look what else was going on...excavator guy was digging our foundation!

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