20 June 2011

Exciting Morning

Funny story...Brock was over at the county office today picking up our building permits when his cell phone rang. The man on the other end started in explaining that he was with Millennium Building Products, and couldn't find our place. It took a minute for Brock to sort out what the guy was talking about, which was that a delivery was about to show up to the property ten days earlier than scheduled, and we had no place to offload it, and no equipment with which to offload it. Brock told the guy to pull over and wait for him, and proceeded to go into super-resourcefulness mode. He left the county office (permits in hand!) and paid a visit to three businesses in our new neighborhood before he found one that said they could store a tractor trailer's worth of gigantic steel floor joists for us until our foundation is in place and we are ready to take the delivery. They even provided the fork lift and unloaded it all for us. A shout-out to our new neighbors at Mabey Bridge and Shore, Inc. for their flexibility and kindness.

That's the fork lift on the left holding one of our floor joists taken from the truck on the right:

Anyway, it's been almost a month since I've posted, partly because we had to get ready for the baby's birthday, and partly because the stuff going on isn't all that exciting. But at least there is stuff going on! Most recently, the silt fence was finally finished. Here it is:
The guy who started it couldn't seem to finish the job, claiming he couldn't get his equipment to the back of the property. Brock went back to try to clear him a path yesterday, and ended up just finishing the fence on his own. So the inspector signed off on that, and we were able to pick up the permits.

Next up is the foundation which should be poured next week, in time for the rest of the steel to arrive. In case you've been following our blog, and you're wondering about the June 5 date I promised, that got pushed back a couple of times, so now we're looking at June 30. See what happens when I make promises?

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