29 June 2011

Day 1

Up to this point, none of the work that has gone into preparing to build 1 Locust Ave has yielded any tangible evidence of a house. Instead,  it has all been far less glamorous, in the form of manual labor, legal battles, and countless hours of internet time logged in an effort to learn about land development, Maryland Real Estate Law, the legal system, contractual agreements, quitclaim deeds, paper streets, airport zoning laws (and the subsequent repeal of said laws), deeds of easement, setback restrictions, civil engineering, plot plans, site development plans, concrete floors, steel structures, pre-cast superior wall foundations, radiant floor heating, tilt-and-turn windows, high-efficiency water heaters, and composting toilets (ok, we found a way around that one).

Brock now has two legal victories under his belt, as a result of two pro se lawsuits (as plaintiffs), which meant more time was spent at the land records office and the courthouse, making phone calls, composing letters, and orchestrating legal moves with the help of our good friend, Charlie.

But those four and a half years are now behind us. Because today, we start over, with Day 1...We broke ground today! This morning, the excavation crew rolled in and began preparing the land for the foundation. We're on our way!
 Check back for more pictures and updates tomorrow!


  1. Oh Dang - this house is really happening! Congrats B-Rock & Jess.

  2. Thanks for all your help in the process, Charlie!