16 July 2012


Today Brock asked me if I'd given up on the blog, so I wanted to post in case anyone else was wondering the same thing.

We still haven't had our final inspection, which is a bit discouraging. We're being held up by the driveway and a storm water management feature. The engineer wouldn't budge on the tar and chip, so I guess Mark is dealing with that. Supposedly someone came by today to assess the driveway for an estimate. I'm not really sure what the timeline is on that.

As for the storm water management...it's like worrying about managing storm water on a beach. Our lot is sand, and all of this monkeying around with rain gardens and sand filters is because the county requires it, based on poor engineering plans. Brock has been digging a giant trench in the backyard for the sand filter. I thought it looked like a grave, and Brock suggested we throw some inspectors in it. 

Moving on...here are some new pictures. 
Magnus posing in the living room
We shopped around this weekend for a living room rug, without much luck. We did find a couple of door mats. Louie immediately made himself at home. 
Louie on the door mat
Here's the kitchen viewed from the front entryway. 
Kitchen and dining area
As you can seen, we are still dealing with plywood counter tops. Brock decided that he's tired of building stuff, so, unfortunately, that means no concrete counter tops. Instead, we ordered some granite which should be installed shortly.

Granite sample
It looks pretty nice, so I'm getting over my disappointment. I think we'll be happy with the results. Once they're installed, we can start to think about putting some color on the walls.

Speaking of building stuff, Brock's been busy assembling more shelving from Alan. Here's what he's been up to in the garage:
All the stuff in the foreground should give you the idea that there's still a bit of organizing to do, but it's a great start, and I think maybe I'll be parking my car in the garage by Christmas!

Finally, here's the first floor bathroom, which now has a curtain rod and shower curtain. Next time I'll put up some pictures of the upstairs bathroom. The shower glass was installed, which looks really nice, and Brock put in some fun LED lights behind the mirror, which look great, too.

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