25 July 2012

Counter tops

Our counters arrived today! 
Truck with counters
Close-up of counter tops during installation
Finished product!
Another angle 
Good riddance to all of that plywood. I have a project in mind to reuse it all, so if I ever follow through with my plans, I'll post some pictures. 

Moving on to less exciting developments...here is the sand filter I mentioned in the last posting: 
Big, useless pit with PVC pipe
Useless pit covered with erosion mat
Yes, truly exciting stuff. It passed inspection, which only leaves the driveway to contend with. We've been getting some quotes to have the whole thing paved. Although the plans say tar and chip, paving will also satisfy the county.

Here's the picture of the shower glass I promised. This bathroom is seriously crying out for some color. 
Master bathroom shower


  1. If you want color, might I suggest Crimson and Blue?

  2. We'll add those colors to the list...the bottom of the list.