18 May 2012

Day 160

It's been an unproductive week. The electrician hasn't been back since his brief appearance on Tuesday, but naturally, he's supposed to work through the weekend. The word is that he's broken his ankle, but I'm having a hard time feeling overly sympathetic. The AC guy hasn't returned, either. I'm not sure what his story is. Mark says the plumber will be in on Monday. The water and electrical inspections are scheduled for Wednesday, so it's crunch time. 

Brock was out of town most of the week, and this project always seems to slow down when he's not here. He got home late last night, and he worked all day today on the stairs. Here he is, planing the wood for the stairs leading down to the basement:
He also installed the first section of metal grates. We bought them at a farm supply store; they're goat feed lot panels for you livestock aficionados.
Stairs with metal grate
As an aside, the panels are 16 feet long, so we strapped them to the roof of the truck to transport them to the house. I can't believe we didn't get pulled over.
Truck and metal grates
Ok, back to today...here are some more angles:

Looking up from the basement
Mark cut the long pegs and sanded them down flush with the tops of the stairs. He also started working on the posts for the handrails.

By the way, here's the dishwasher in its home:

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