07 May 2012

Day 152-153

Today was a productive day, but first...Friday was Day 152, but I never got around to posting. The air conditioning guys did more work that day on the air handler, and Mark started working on the landings for the staircase. 
This morning, the air conditioning guys were back first thing to connect the air conditioner. There it is in the foreground. There's a story there; I'll get to that in a minute.
Air conditioner
Brock and Mark worked on stairs all day today. Exciting news: we have the beginning of a staircase!
Brock and Mark building stairs
Basement stairs
Basement stairs again
...and again
So, guess what's missing from this next picture:
Yep, that's right...the air conditioner. 

Mark had told them not to install it until the water was connected, but they disregarded those instructions, and did it anyway before he arrived. Sam was there today with another worker trying to hook up water and sewer to the house. They ended up digging for an hour and a half to try to find where the plumbers had put the sewer line. It should have been right next to the water line, but instead, it was buried  a good eight feet away. Things got precarious for the air conditioner while Sam was digging around, first with the backhoe, and then with a shovel, and so the air conditioner guys had to come out and remove the air conditioner. 
The sewer line turned up in the end, but now we're in a holding pattern while we wait for an inspection.

When they weren't installing and uninstalling the air conditioner, the crew was working on the air handler. 
Air handler

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