02 May 2012

Day 151

Gas and electric connections are complete! Below, you can see the workers connecting our electricity to the nearest electric pole. This picture was taken from the end of our driveway, so as you can see, it's not close. Probably would have been good to know that before we bought the property, but that was one of the many questions we didn't know to ask six years ago. 
Connecting to the grid
Here are the completed meters:
Gas and electric meters
And here is a close-up of our new smart meter. It reads itself and sends the energy usage back to the power company through a wireless signal.
00000 kWh
The heating and cooling crew was here today to install the air handler.
Air handler in master bedroom closet
They also delivered our air conditioner which is ready to be installed. They should be back on Friday, and finished by Monday.
Air conditioner
Sam returned today to connect the sewer pipe to the manhole. 
Path to the water and sewer hook-ups
He left his skid steer for us to play with, and since the kids were all dressed up for picture day at school, I have to include this one: 
Kids in the skid steer
...and this one: 
Kids in the lockers
After work this afternoon, Brock returned to the salvage yard to pick up more lumber for the stairs. A new shipment of 3x12s had just arrived, so he loaded up the trailer.

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