21 April 2012

Weekend projects

Brock went by the salvage shop today and picked up the wood we saw last weekend. Lucky that we waited, since it was marked down half price from last week. A steal! The beams were so big he had to run home and pick up the chainsaw and cut them down to fit into the trailer. 
Salvage shop selection
Twelve boards, cut and loaded up
To make room for the wood, he had to empty out the trailer, which the refrigerator was occupying. Since the refrigerator wouldn't fit through the front door, he removed its doors and hinges, which also made maneuvering it alone more manageable. Again, the blue is a protective covering.
The almost eleven-foot ceilings make the kitchen look miniature, but those are normal-size cabinets and appliances. 

Finally, here's a picture of my lockers, which we moved in last week to use as our basement coat closet. 


  1. So the microwave is higher than normal, right? Because the top of ours is even with the top of our fridge. I'd probably have to drag over a chair to nuke something at your house. Good thing you're both tall...

  2. I guess it is a little high. However, when we moved to our current house and had to leave our built-in microwave behind, we improvised with a tiny dorm microwave on top of the refrigerator. So the new one will seem low in comparison to that. Or, the short answer would have been that Brock designed the kitchen, so everything is at his height!