20 April 2012

Day 144

The sinks are in! A few years ago, some good friends of ours renovated their kitchen, and incorporated a second sink into the design. Initially, we didn't see the reason for it, but pretty much every day since then, we've encountered a situation in which two sinks would have been really practical. Something that isn't practical for me is a divider in my sink. That thing always gets in my way. Hence, two divider-less models: 
Kitchen sinks
Here's some more work on the shower in the master bathroom:
Shower threshold
Sam the excavator was working away today, burying copper for our water hookup. A side note...it turns out he accidentally dug up our favorite neighbor's cable. By favorite neighbor, I mean the one we spent two years in court with. Needless to say, we're not too concerned that he was inconvenienced for an afternoon without television. 

This afternoon, Brock and Mark installed the garage doors. Both doors are in, although the tracks and  torsion springs have yet to be installed. I didn't get a picture at the end of the day, but this gives you the idea: 

Tomorrow we'll hopefully be picking up some wood we found at a salvage shop that should work nicely for stair treads. A lot of work ahead of us next week.

Have a good weekend!

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