21 February 2012

Day 112

I didn't post yesterday because the spray foam crew was only there for an hour or so before they ran out of insulation. They finally showed back up this afternoon, and said they would stay late to work. No confirmation on that, though, since we weren't able to make it by at the end of the day. Before they arrived, the people responsible for installing the final round of insulation (R-13, unfaced bat insulation, which is the fluffy blanket-looking-type insulation) were on site, and they did as much work as they could until the spray foam is finished.
Fluffy blanket insulation 
Over the weekend, Brock found some giant 3/4" galvanized, double-eye turnbuckles at an architectural salvage shop. He ponied up $40 of the money we made recycling scrap metal to buy four of them to use to make awnings for over the front and back doors. Today he and Mark did some brainstorming to come up with some awning plans, and then did some preliminary cutting and sizing. 
Turnbuckles and awning pieces

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