17 February 2012

Day 111

Day three on the insulation. Today's work merits some more photos because the foam they used this time is smurf blue. This blog has been seriously lacking in color (other than red) up to this point.

They'll be back on Monday to finish up. 

We're still trying to figure out how to build our stairs. Today we had someone come by from a company that restores covered bridges and barns and does post and beam construction and restoration. We'll see if they can tie in their design ideas with our house's barn-like color scheme. 

No drywall delivery today. Almost just as well since there is more spraying to do, but still, it would be nice if, just once, something happened on schedule. 

Brock finished installing the last of the speaker cable for our stereo and television today. We're ready if drywall should happen to show up any time in the near future.

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