25 January 2012

Days 103-104

Today, the framing crew boss, Norman, was at the site putting some finishing touches on the framing in preparation for insulation and drywall. 

There have been a fair number of little details that have gone in over the past few days that I hadn't seen yet or hadn't noticed before. Nothing too earth-shattering, but here are a few of them:

First, exterior wiring- here's some for the light next to the side door:

Mark installed the water barrier in the shower. The plumbers were annoyed when they saw the new bench, because they had centered the drain in the shower, not taking the bench into consideration. They probably should have looked at the plans first, since it's no longer centered. 

Here's Brock pointing out the framing for the air return system at the top of the stairwell:

Finally, the plumbers labeled all of the water lines where they pass through the utility room:

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