30 January 2012

Day 105

By the time I got to the site today, Mark was gone for the day, so I don't have a lot to report...except that the doors have finally arrived! The front door and the back door, that is; the side door is still on back-order. In any case, the doors have not yet been hung, but I found them propped up inside the kitchen. I forgot my camera, so here are a couple of pictures from my cell phone:
Front door
Back door
There was also a lot of new wiring installed, so it seems the electrician was back. I'm not really sure what it's all about, but here's a picture of some of it, taken from the upstairs office:
Lots of wiring
If you're wondering what that little shelf in the background is, I'll explain it when I have a real camera so I can show you a picture, too. But to give you a hint, it's a crafty idea of Brock's for managing the stereo and television in the loft.

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