12 January 2012

Day 96

The framers were back today to frame out the interior doorways in wood (yes, wood), and to do some other detail work not worth getting into.
Framed out bedroom doors
The plumbers were on site today, and they're finally starting to wrap things up. They should only have a few more days of work left. The electrician was supposed to be there, too, but he never showed up. 

And of course, soffit pictures are probably what keep our followers coming back to this site, so here are some more:

Yes, more soffit work today. They installed as much as they could before they ran out of some pieces that Rigid is going to deliver next week. Turns out we were short in the original delivery. 

Finally, Brock and Mark sifted through the remaining metal in the yard, sorting parts and figuring out what comes next. The pile of metal is really dwindling now.
Sorting out the pieces of the puzzle

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