22 December 2011

Day 84

The plumbers were by today, installing the shower mixing valve and the drain pipes.  
Shower mixing valve
If cast iron pipes seem like overkill, try living in our current house for a few years. The plumbing is so loud that all conversation must cease any time someone turns on a sink or flushes a toilet, so we decided to spare no expense in that department.
Cast iron drain pipes
Mark finished trimming the back windows this morning. When Brock got to the site this afternoon, they got back to work on the siding. First they worked on the base trim, and then they hung two pieces of siding before it got too dark to do any more work. 
Back windows trimmed in red
Base trim
In case you were wondering -since I forgot to mention it before- they decided to do the siding themselves rather than contract it out. It involves measuring and cutting holes for the windows, heaving the siding up using the bucket lift, and using screws to fasten it onto the girts. Here are some pictures of the process:

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