26 November 2011

Day 66

Finally, some good news! We left town on Tuesday to start our Thanksgiving vacation early, rather than wait around in the rain for our floors to be poured. We were pretty sure the holiday weekend would turn into more excuses for the concrete company, but Mark called Wednesday morning (Day 66) to let us know that the trucks had arrived. By today, as we crawled along in post-Thanksgiving traffic with all the other people who thought they were so smart to beat the Sunday rush, we were on pins and needles to see our new floors.
First one on the porch!

With floors like these, it's hard to keep from dancing.

Here's the basement floor. There is a a step up from the garage side to the living side. The garage side slopes from back to front, so that water or snow on cars will drain out the doors, rather than pool in the middle of the garage. 

The pool noodle project turned out to be very successful. The concrete crew liked the idea, but had to push the noodles down a bit so that they could smooth out the floor. Here are the holes as seen from the first floor, and then below, as seen from the basement, looking up. 

No drips!
It would have been nice to watch the process, and to have some pictures to post, but the results look so good, it's hard to be too disappointed.

One last front porch shot:
Posing on the porch

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