07 October 2011

Day 50

Brock started his day with a trip to Wal Mart to buy out their end-of-the-season supply of pool noodles. Why pool noodles, you ask? The noodles will be inserted through holes cut in the floor pans, creating a little tunnel that will stick up through the concrete, once it is poured. Eventually, the electrical wiring and plumbing will be run through the noodle tunnels. This is an alternative to cutting holes through 4" of concrete after the fact. Brock came up with this creative solution because pool noodles are inexpensive (especially in October), insulating, and color-coded, for easy identification of the tubing within. In the end, noodles and wiring will all be tucked away behind drywall.
Pool noodles!
Next, he finished the window headers on the first floor. 
Not much to look at, but it was time-consuming work, involving a lot of cutting and screwing, so I figured it deserved some coverage.

While all of this was going on, Mark was busy cutting away with his concrete saw. Below is a picture of his work. You can see where he cut away a portion of the front porch base so he could install the siding and flashing without having to cut them. Cutting the siding and flashing could potentially cause drainage problems down the road. This will all be covered up later.

And finally...another good feature of a metal house: no need to worry about termites. Brock was moving some cardboard that had been stacked up in the yard since the last delivery was made, and here's what he found underneath:
Thousands of the little critters had made their home under the cardboard. Pretty gross, but not a threat to our house.

And on that note....have a good weekend. Hopefully Columbus Day is a holiday for you. Brock is off, which means he'll probably be back to work on the house on Monday.

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