05 October 2011

Day 48

Brock spent a half day out at the site cutting and screwing in metal for window headers on the first floor. If I have to ask what it means, I like to include a definition, so bear with me if this seems obvious. The header is just the top edge of a window opening.  

Mark did some more prep work to prepare for installing the siding.

After Brock left this afternoon, the bank inspector came by to look at the roof. In theory, the inspector approves the work that has been done, and authorizes us to make a draw on our construction loan to pay for the completed work. Except that after the inspector left, Brock got a message from the bank saying that we had only been authorized to draw a portion of the amount allotted for the roof. The reason? The inspector reported back that the roof was incomplete because it didn't have any shingles*. Yet another example of our bank's failure to understand exactly what we are up to with its money. Still, they are funding this thing whereas the first bank didn't, so I won't name any names. 

*it's not supposed to have any shingles.

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  1. You mean you don't think some cedar shakes would look good on top? Good luck with the bank.