12 September 2011

Day 34

Back to work after a week of rain. Brock installed the basement columns (after picking them up from the welding shop where they had been modified) while Mark tightened all the bolts on the first floor (a thousand or so). He used his new electric impact driver to accomplish the task. 
Basement columns
Then Brock got to work on the roof bracing (I probably wasn't supposed to see these antics, but he didn't know I was there).
Bracing the roof
Planning the next move
The last thing they did today was to begin installing the sag straps. You might have noticed that the steel is bowed in some of the pictures, and wondered if it's an optical illusion. It's not. But these handy sag straps pull the steel into position so that all the beams are parallel. They'll be used on the roof purlins, too.
Those vertical silver things are the sag straps.
Close-up of the straps
Rolls of sag straps, 500' each
Sometimes it's difficult to break away from a good magazine article.
Baby usually has a few good ideas to contribute.

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