31 August 2011

Day 31

Brock and Mark installed roof purlins today. To accomplish this, they had to perform acrobatic feats, climbing around on the roof beams, and standing on that top ladder step that says, "Do Not Stand Here".

It turns out that four of the purlins were cut incorrectly at the factory, so we'll have to contact Rigid and find out what to do about replacing them. But other than that, they're all in place and ready for the roof. 

I got another tour in the bucket lift this evening to survey the second floor and to take some pictures: 
Master bedroom windows
Looking out the front of the house

Roof on the warehouse side of the house
View of loft and little window above it (two more yet to be installed)
Looking down over the edge of the loft
In other news, we had a tenant in the trailer. A mouse with a propensity for stale potato chips has been nosing around, chewing through papers and cleaning up leftover snacks. He has since been evicted, and all traces of his visit have been removed.

And finally, how can a three-and-a-half year old (in snow boots) resist trying on a welding mask?


  1. I love the little welder! He's too funny. And as for his little sister - nope, pics of babies just don't get old.