05 August 2011

Day 15

Today Brock, Mark, and Alan finished putting in all the first floor joists. There's still some welding to be done, because the generator they were trying to use for the welder wasn't powerful enough. So that will have to wait for another day.

Alan spent a lot of time cutting and re-bending the girt flaps that had been welded incorrectly at the factory. Eventually the siding will be attached to the girts, so it's important that the flaps are flush with the outside of the building or the siding won't fit properly.
Alan working with the cutting wheel

Alan on the ladder
A fourth worker showed up late in the afternoon to lend a hand. There was a lot of heavy lifting and digging to do.

If the amount of hardware that's left is any indication, there's still plenty of steel to put together and siding to install:
Just some of the screws yet to find a home
On another note, it turns out you can't build a steel home without wood. A lot of the steel was packaged in wood, which we're going to attempt to use to make our stair treads. And in another nod to the environment, so far this project has generated surprisingly little waste. No big dumpster at the site to haul off every day; only one bag of construction garbage to this point.

Maybe more to come over the weekend. Brock and Alan are going to try to squeeze in a little more time at the site.

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